About The small house Bureau

The small house Bureau helps tenants to build on and extend the properties
they rent through self-initiated building projects. The small house Bureau
facilitates the establishment of building cooperatives that bring together
tenants, property-owners and housing companies. The tenants design the
form of the building extensions together with The small house Bureau. The
property owners and housing companies provide building materials, quality
control and maintenance. If you are interested in the service provided by
the small house Bureau, you can sign up by sending an email to
info@smastugebyran.se. Please provide your name and address, the name
of the property owner or housing company, and relevant details about your
apartment such as the total size and number of rooms. The small house
Bureau will then contact the property owner or housing company when there
are at least ten tenants in the area who wish to start their own building
projects on their apartments.